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Sea horse is a kind of more beautiful sea in little live thing, it not only have the very good value that view and admire, and its medical effect is taller, it is a kind of commonner Chinese traditional medicine, the action in Zhuang Yang respect is very good, can come with dry sea horse at ordinary times bubble wine, very good strong kidney fills the action of empty, when using wine of sea horse bubble, must choose high liquor, we will see dry sea horse how bubble wine.

Dry sea horse how bubble wine

Dry sea horse how bubble wine

Recipe, sea horse 2, liquor 500 grams, make a way, sea horse dolly, in putting the person’s clean bottle, enter liquor, sealed, often jolty. 14 day hind are drinkable, daily time is taken each 20, 30 milliliter, resultForum of Shanghai night net

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Effect, filling kidney Zhuang Yang, accommodation, those who be used at kidney deficiency of yang to cause is impotent, frequency of nocturnal make water, leucorrhoea is much and Qing Dynasty is rare person,

Dry sea horse how bubble wine

The method of bubble medicinal liquor and note

Of wine choose, bubble medicinal liquor picks expense mostlySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Count not quite high white spirit, what the degree of wine goes against water-solubility composition too high is deliquescent. Choose 50 degrees commonly or the drinkable wine of above is beautiful, because 50 spend or aboveLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum
wine can be in immersing process on very old rateForum of Shanghai night net

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In exterminating material of Chinese herbal medicine, touch the bacteria that add and harmful microbial, helminth and bug egg, those who make can be drinkable below safe condition.

Dry sea horse how bubble wine

When bubble medicinal liquor if have,move plant medicinal material to should immerse its apart, when taking decomposite even, what because be contained in animal crude drug,abound is adipose with protein, need to immerse for long. And of plant medicinal material immerse time is shorter, immerse apart facilitate master time. The time that medicinal liquor immerses hearsay of Gu Fang or a few folk, think medicinal liquor wants to immerse a few months comes 1 year above. The author thinks not to have this necessary. Immerse commonly a month can. Sometimes to make active ingredient faster ground transgression, if take no account of beautiful, but the medicinal material mincing immerse. Air temperature is additionally right of medicinal liquor immerse have immediate effect, air temperature is high the time that immerses is some shorter, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Air temperature is low the time that immerses is longFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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