[balsam pear and pork liver can eat together] – of contraindication of _ of _ pig liver

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Balsam pear and pork liver are we compare common food at ordinary times, although suffer from,balsam pear tastes, but everybody knows balsam pear is had fall of the action of blood sugar, it is the food with better diabetic, the nutrition of pork liver is very rich, enrich the blood filling iron effect is very pretty good, suit to be short of the patient of iron sex anaemia especially, pork liver and balsam pear can eat together, eat together right healthy have a lot of profit.

Can balsam pear and pork liver eat together

Balsam pear can eat together with pork liver

Balsam pear and pork liver can eat together.

Balsam pear contains a lot ofB of vitamin of B of C of protein, saccharide, crude fibre, vitamin, vitamin Nick the composition such as acerbity, carotene, calcic, iron, still contain the material of chromium and similar insulin, have fall apparently pork liver of; of blood sugar action contains the element such as rich vitamin A, vitamin B2, iron, have the filling liver, bright eye, effect that raises blood, both the situation that photograph of a tie-in nonexistent food overcomes, and nutrition is rich, because this is OK,eat.

The way that balsam pear has together with pork liver

Balsam pear fries pork liver

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: Balsam pear 125 grams, pork liver 250 grams, garlic 30 grams, cooking wine 10 grams, soy 10 grams, balm 15 grams, salt 3 grams, gourmet powder 1 overcome


1, first balsam pear abluent, go seed, put salt to bloat be soiled 5 minutes, in order to go acrid, next section of garlic of; of stripping and slicing.

2, pork liver abluent, slice, wine of feed in raw material, salt bloats be soiled, boiled water scald is used after 10 minutes drop is dry.

3, get on fire of the buy that fry pan, after putting balm to wait for oily boiler to burn heat, throw balsam pear, break up fry a few timesLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Soy, cooking wine summary boil, break up into pork liver fry, mix gourmet powder, garlic piece after moving tasty, become namely.

Can balsam pear and pork liver eat together

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Can be the same as with what eat

1. avoid and vitamin C take vitamin C together easy be oxidized to destroy, the oxidation when encountering certain microelement especially is more rapid. Content of element of the copper coin in pork liver is higher, it can be united in wedlock with vitamin C, make vitamin C loses original function.

2. avoid and enzymatic preparation take common enzymatic preparation to have together much pepsin, pancreatin, amylase, more enzymatic piece etc, the copper in pork liver but because the acidic groups with enzymatic protein, amino acerbity element is formed sedimentary, affect medical effect. Accordingly, enzymatic preparation drug cannot be taken when eating pork liver kind.

3. pork liver and cauliflower are unfavorable feed together: Fry pork liver to should not be match cauliflower. A large number of cellulose are contained in cauliflower, the aldose in cellulose is acerbity incomplete radical can form chela to close matter with the microelement such as the iron in pork liver, copper, zinc and reduce the human body absorption to these elements.

4. pork liver and sparrow flesh cannot feed together: Both is fed together can cause toxic, can use gram treatment.

5. dog meat and pork liver photograph overcome: Dog meat, pork liver all is hot sex food, feed easy get angry together.

6. pork liver and three-colored amaranth photograph overcome: Sex of pork liver, three-colored amaranth is tepid, feed get angry making a person together.

Can balsam pear and pork liver eat together

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7. pork liver and pheasant cannot feed together: ” drink board is wanting ” point out: “Grouse (pheasant) cannot feed together with pork liver. ” because pheasant flavour acid is small cold, pork liver hardships and difficulties is lukewarm, food medicine has Wen Han not, reason is unfavorable feed together.

8. pork liver and hawkthorn photograph overcome: Because hawkthorn contains a lot ofvitamin C, pigFall in love with the sea

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The microelement such as copper, iron, zinc is contained in liver, vitamin C encounters metallic ion, oxidize quickly and be destroyed, reduced nutrient value, after reason feeds pork liver, unfavorable feed hawkthorn.

9. pork liver and photograph of crucian carp fish overcome: Pleasant of flavour of sex of crucian carp fish is lukewarm, have good energy of life be good at the effect of the breast below detumescence of water of lienal, clear hot detoxify, benefit, promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy. Pork liver and crucian carp fish should not, if both mixes cook or will deserve to fry, can produce a few adverse ingredients, the meeting after edible causes a few undesirable reaction, produce ulcer easily to wait for instance.

Photograph of 10. pork liver and tomato, chili overcomes: The copper that contains in pork liver, iron can make vitamin C oxidizes to lose original function for dehydrogenation ascorbic acid.

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