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Rich protein and calcic element are contained a lot ofinside langouste, eat more very beneficial to the body. Some people like him to do langouste in the home. But a lot of people do not know when doing crayfish should specific how to do, there still always is a light fishy smell after finishing, cannot complete purify. Actually this plants langouste if food is done delicious, it is very sweet. Everybody tells crayfish to otherwise wants scald water below.

Crayfish otherwise wants scald water

Doing langouste want ampling water commonly, ampling water not only can the silt on body of take out langouste, still can purify fishy smell! If be restaurant or the conditional word in the home, can cross oil, the langouste colour and lustre that can make make not only so is bright, mouthfeel more delicious!

One, evaporate shrimp:

Take fresh base surround shrimp or hemp shrimp a jin, cut go needing clamp foot (do not cut Yi Ke) abluent, buy dish in, after the water inside boiler leaves, put, evaporate half hours, take out, other equipment thoroughlies cook soy, addShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Enter a few balm, dip in feedForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
, shrimp is sweet raw ingredient of 4 excessive, former juice, very bright meaning.

2, scamper shrimp:

Take freshwater shrimp or base surround shrimp a jin, flour 19, salt 2 money, blast is oily a jin (real cost 29) , cut shrimp go needing a foot, abluent, drop goes moisture, salt is joined mix divide evenly, mix after 3 minutes above pink. Flourishing baked wheaten cake heats up oil, explode into shrimp, when waiting for shrimp to show golden scene, fish out puts iron a bamboo inside, drop goes oil is become namely. Its smell is sweet crisp, do not have local color one time.

Crayfish otherwise wants scald water

3, fry shelled fresh shrimps:

River shrimp a jin 19, winter bamboo shoots 19, equipment egg is clear, salt 7 minutes1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
, dry starch 2 money, sesame oil one money, yellow rice or millet wine 4 money, gourmet powder 4 minutes, heat is lardy a jin (real cost 9) . river shrimp (or hemp shrimp1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
, base surround shrimp) hull, squeeze shelled fresh shrimps after going out, in putting cold water, agitate makes shelled fresh shrimps is washed whitely. Use exaggeration of cloth blot shelled fresh shrimps next, add salt, yellow rice or millet wine (2 money) , egg white, gourmet powder (2 minutes of) , water starch mixes divide evenly size. Ripe bamboo shoot cuts 3 minutes of square small bite to burn boiler heat next, enter lardy a jin, heat comes 5 when becoming heat, put shrimp meat bowl inside, delimit quickly with the chopstick medicinal powder, when showing white to shelled fresh shrimps, enter strainer drop oil. The more than oil inside boiler 2 money, put bamboo shoot man to all over after frying, pour shelled fresh shrimps again, add gourmet powder, yellow rice or millet wine, in usingA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Igneous frequency breaks up a few times, drench on sesame oil is installed dish. This dish colour and lustre is white, fresh and tender and delicate goluptious.

Crayfish otherwise wants scald water

4, shrimp bean curd:

Equipment tender bean curd 79, bamboo shoot 5 money, ripe shelled fresh shrimps 95 money. Ripe essence flesh 5 money, will tender bean curd cuts the diamonds that controls 7 minutes, put hot water boiler to be boiled, in removing boiler to put cold water namely, float cold. Flesh of essence of life and bamboo shoot cut fingernail piece Xian Shang is put in senior colonel boiler, add frighten benevolence, the fleshForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
, bamboo shoot, piece, bean curd, yellow rice or millet wine, gourmet powder, burn after boiling, cast aside go float foam, irrigate on lardy become namely into the basin. This feeds whiteness of mouth of fresh and tender alcohol, colour and lustre.

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