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The circumstance that has a fever at treating the darling of a year old of above to appear, before grain of use easy benefit, the opinion that still had better pass a doctor just is used, because easy benefit grain is right,the child’s body also is the secondary action with meeting particular generation, for instance brash, disgusting, gastralgia is waited a moment, have word of partial body inapplicable, occurrence reaction will be more severe.

What does side-effect of easy benefit grain have?

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The function of bead advocate treating is: This tasting fight phlogistic drug to be not steriod body, have fight the phlogistic, demulcent, action that solve heat, inflammation of joint of sex of usable Yu Man (wait like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritisA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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) what infection of the upper respiratory tract of; of the ache that; operation and the ache after acute is traumatic and inflammation of ministry of nose pharynx of inflammation; ear cause, dysmenorrhoea causes is calorific wait for semiotic cure.

What does side-effect of easy benefit grain have?

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The medicaments interaction of grain of Ni Meishu benefit is to have: Savor put oneself in another’s position of steriod of likelihood and aspirin, other blame originally kind fight phlogistic medicine to have alternate reaction, accordingly, ban to the patient of these drug allergy taste originally with; combine medicaments for high protein, so likelihood; of medicaments of other protein union uses replacement body of other blame steriod kind after fighting phlogistic drug, drop like occurrence eyesight, should stop treatment, have ophthalmic examination.

What does side-effect of easy benefit grain have?

The harmful response of grain of Ni Meishu benefit is to have: Basically have: Brash, disgusting, gastralgia, but symptom very slight, for the moment is brief, very few need interrupts cure. Below few circumstance, irritability rash appears after the patient takes drug. Although use Levi of Buddhist nun beautiful stretch to produce afore-mentioned side effect, like also must noticing this tasting to be not medicine of steriod body diminish inflammation as other, the possibility arises dizziness, think of sleep, gastric ulcer or intestines and stomach go outForum of Shanghai night net

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Blood and Shidiwensi- – Johnson (Stevens-Johnson) syndrome.

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